Friday, November 12, 2010


I'm amazed at how clever my titles are. Very original. :) This is the cake I mentioned at the end of my last blog. I met Kim because I mentioned the cake I made for Brixanne and she came up to me. I must say, I was terrified and so flattered that she wanted me to make her birthday/baptism cake. I didn't know her and was nervous to make a cake for someone I just met. But I got to know her over the next few weeks and she is great.

I begged my sister, Suzy for her photography services. She is good and I finally have pictures that look decent. I have other pictures that I took of the mess and many cakes I had in my fridge, but they will be posted at a later date.

So a little background on the cakes and the why for the design and set up. Kim got baptized and turned 21 in the same week. What better way to celebrate this amazing week than with a combined purpose party and cakes. I went through a few different ideas. It was decided on three cakes so that there would be enough cake. Is it possible to have too much cake? Rhetorical question of course, I already know the answer. And the cakes needed to represent her birthday and her baptism.

This cake was for her baptism. I took words that were said at her baptism earlier in the day and used chocolate to write them on the cake. There are little red infinity signs to represent the eternal impact of her baptism. This cake is two layers of vanilla cake, chocolate filling and vanilla butter cream frosting.

This cake was for her birthday. The 21 is chocolate. There were a few people who thought she was eating wax. Gross. But thankfully it was nothing but chocolate goodness. It was two layers of chocolate cake with a vanilla cream filling and dark chocolate frosting.

This was the cake that tied the two cakes together. One layer of yellow cake, one layer of chocolate cake, chocolate filling and both the vanilla and chocolate butter cream frostings.

Also, the red ties them all together as well.

This is the final result. I used church books for the cake stands. I felt they would present these cakes best. They looked better at the party on a nice marble counter (as seen below).

The remaining photos are courtesy of Marilyn Farr

This is the beautiful Kim. Thank you Kim for letting me do these cakes and letting me be part of your day. It was a great day. A beautiful baptism, lots of cake decorating, chocolate all over my kitchen, and a fun party with fun people. Thank you for asking someone you didn't know to make your cake.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


There is a blog I follow, I love her blog. She is the one with the cake pops and cake balls. She is a genius. She wrote a book on her cake pops which is so appropriately called Cake Pops. She has been traveling around the country signing these books at Williams-Sonoma. Thankfully she came to Salt Lake City during my fall break and I got to go. She did a demonstration first and I asked her a question. I felt so brave. I went up to her in between the demonstration and book signing and I'm pretty sure we're best friends now. There was a photographer who took pictures of each person with her. This is the best part...she selected some of the pictures to go on her blog and guess who was one of the people! It was me!!!

Also, I made friends with a girl named Melissa who came in at the same time as I did. We got a picture together with Angie. However, I had trouble uploading that picture. So now I am famous (I'm the 8th picture down which happens to be my favorite number. It's fate.). Be proud to know me. I'm making a cake this weekend for a girl I just met. So wish me luck.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am so excited about this cake. My friend (same friend as the wedding cake) had a graduation/house warming party and I got to make the cake. She is an art major so I wanted to make the cake look as artsy as I could. So, I got a small canvas and glued one of her art pieces to it and used that as the main part of the cake.

The caramel looking stuff on top of the cake is spun sugar. It is water, sugar, and corn syrup. After boiling it to the proper temperature, I stretched it out to desired thickness.

The cake itself is a hazelnut cake with a raspberry/lemon buttercream frosting middle and the best tasting dark chocolate frosting. I also dipped hazelnuts in the sugar concoction and placed them on cupcakes as a side decoration.

This was so fun to make. And I was so excited for my friend to see it. Following the cake and eating was lots of singing. Thank you to singstar for making it possible for me to sing karaoke with sounding too much like a dying cat.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm not posting a picture today. I just felt like chatting. I love this kind of stuff. I realize blogging is difficult for me though. I may need to be more consistent with it to actually get anywhere. I didn't bake this week and feel a little empty. Hmm...but I did eat at the Corner Bakery and found a dessert I want to try. Of course I will have to implement it into cakes somehow, but I don't think that will be difficult for me. I have a talent for seeing how anything can be used for cakes. So, I will do something this week and try to be better about blogging. Maybe then I will get some people following, even though that makes me nervous.

Monday, September 20, 2010


So, it was my friend's birthday. He is a big music fan. It's his passion/obsession. So for his birthday, I made a cake with lyrics from good songs I know he loves. It's the same cake as my mom's except I used regular buttercream frosting. Maybe you can zoom and guess the artists of the lyrics.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom's Birthday

I made this cake for my mom's surprise birthday party. She turned 60 and we thought that would be the perfect time to throw her first surprise party.

I picked wild flowers...from her garden. I'm not sure if they are technically wild if they are from a garden. But they were beautiful and she loved it.

I had my mom tasting it throughout the week as I made it. I told her it was for a friend and she gave her enthusiastic approval for it's taste. It is a yellow cake, yummy lemon buttercream frosting, with a raspberry/lemon frosting/lemon curd filling. I loved it. I took leftovers to school and got good reviews there as well.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random cakes

The following are cakes I have done in the last 4 years.

I did this cake because I loved the Kissable candies and wanted to use them. Perfect. Blue is my favorite color which is why it is winning.

This cake was for mine and my mom's birthday. Our birthdays are close so we celebrate them together.

I had dinner with some friends and offered to bring dessert.

This was for my friend's birthday. They are all words that represent her.

This is a zombie cake for my brother-in-laws birthday. He loved it. I used toffee bits for the vomit. It was my first zombie cake.

I was walking down the candy isle, saw the sixlets candies and was inspired.

My friend is a big sports fan. Perfect birthday cake. But clearly has room to be improved.

More later.

Friday, July 23, 2010

First Wedding Cake

This was a year ago for my best friend's wedding. It was the first wedding cake I made and I got a little help from my mom. Thanks Mom, you are the best.


I have a mini obsession with cakes, cupcakes, baking, eating anything with sugar in it, baking blogs, cake shows and basically anything along those lines. So I started a blog to share what I do and hopefully it will push me to get better and skill my obsession.