Friday, November 12, 2010


I'm amazed at how clever my titles are. Very original. :) This is the cake I mentioned at the end of my last blog. I met Kim because I mentioned the cake I made for Brixanne and she came up to me. I must say, I was terrified and so flattered that she wanted me to make her birthday/baptism cake. I didn't know her and was nervous to make a cake for someone I just met. But I got to know her over the next few weeks and she is great.

I begged my sister, Suzy for her photography services. She is good and I finally have pictures that look decent. I have other pictures that I took of the mess and many cakes I had in my fridge, but they will be posted at a later date.

So a little background on the cakes and the why for the design and set up. Kim got baptized and turned 21 in the same week. What better way to celebrate this amazing week than with a combined purpose party and cakes. I went through a few different ideas. It was decided on three cakes so that there would be enough cake. Is it possible to have too much cake? Rhetorical question of course, I already know the answer. And the cakes needed to represent her birthday and her baptism.

This cake was for her baptism. I took words that were said at her baptism earlier in the day and used chocolate to write them on the cake. There are little red infinity signs to represent the eternal impact of her baptism. This cake is two layers of vanilla cake, chocolate filling and vanilla butter cream frosting.

This cake was for her birthday. The 21 is chocolate. There were a few people who thought she was eating wax. Gross. But thankfully it was nothing but chocolate goodness. It was two layers of chocolate cake with a vanilla cream filling and dark chocolate frosting.

This was the cake that tied the two cakes together. One layer of yellow cake, one layer of chocolate cake, chocolate filling and both the vanilla and chocolate butter cream frostings.

Also, the red ties them all together as well.

This is the final result. I used church books for the cake stands. I felt they would present these cakes best. They looked better at the party on a nice marble counter (as seen below).

The remaining photos are courtesy of Marilyn Farr

This is the beautiful Kim. Thank you Kim for letting me do these cakes and letting me be part of your day. It was a great day. A beautiful baptism, lots of cake decorating, chocolate all over my kitchen, and a fun party with fun people. Thank you for asking someone you didn't know to make your cake.

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