Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am so excited about this cake. My friend (same friend as the wedding cake) had a graduation/house warming party and I got to make the cake. She is an art major so I wanted to make the cake look as artsy as I could. So, I got a small canvas and glued one of her art pieces to it and used that as the main part of the cake.

The caramel looking stuff on top of the cake is spun sugar. It is water, sugar, and corn syrup. After boiling it to the proper temperature, I stretched it out to desired thickness.

The cake itself is a hazelnut cake with a raspberry/lemon buttercream frosting middle and the best tasting dark chocolate frosting. I also dipped hazelnuts in the sugar concoction and placed them on cupcakes as a side decoration.

This was so fun to make. And I was so excited for my friend to see it. Following the cake and eating was lots of singing. Thank you to singstar for making it possible for me to sing karaoke with sounding too much like a dying cat.


  1. I have to say it's such a pleasant surprise to have a cake taste as good as it looks. Usually if a cake is really pretty you can expect bland frosting and cheap cake, but this was something else. I loved the hazelnut and chocolate combination, and the berry frosting filling was so deliciously unexpected.

  2. Cindy LOO! What talent you have! This cake is incredible. You are amazing my dear!

    This is a mistake for me to look at your blog on fast sunday.... :)